Reflective Spray by Drivecase

In France, road accidents involving a cyclist annually cause 4,000 injured and 150 killed. 86% of accidents occurred in cities and in 30% of these cases, cyclists were not seen by third parties involved in the accident. More than 20 million French people say they regularly use their bicycles, but only 17% are equipped with a safety device to increase their visibility. Thus, the Reflective Spray contributes to the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and other users who lack of visibility on the road.

In addition to the advantages it provides for road safety, the Reflective Spray has an avant-garde, design and original aspect :
- Lifetime up to 12 months
- Invisible during the day
- Strong reflection up to 50 m / visible at several hundred meters
- Waterproof
- Professional performance
- Made in France

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